Feel Good - Do Good

Dit jaar is de show opgedragen aan Maison d'Enfants Reine Marie-Henriette, een vzw die kinderen helpt van wie de fysieke of psychische integriteit bedreigd wordt door grote ouderlijke, familiale, sociale of economische moeilijkheden.

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Who We Are

De show is ontworpen door een ploeg van getalenteerde en gepassioneerde kerstliefhebbers, om mensen samen te brengen. De show wil zichzelf bij elke nieuwe editie opnieuw uitvinden.

Waarom “Belgian”? Wel, omdat daar alles is begonnen.

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Performers - 2021 Edition

Your Host: Antoine Guillaume

Actor / Columnist / TV & Radio host ( RTL TVI & BEL RTL ).
In love with the Genökenflöken cake !
Antoine likes to combine skills : Acting, singing and dancing.
The only person crazier than him about the Holiday season might be Santa Claus !
But that remains to be proven.

Ambre Grouwels

Ambre is a Belgian singer & actress. She received the Magritte for Most Promising Actress for her role as Bici in Baby Balloon. She even dub some princesses voices for Disney.

Bob Mobunga

Bob is a Belgian-Congolese singer-songwriter spotted in The Voice Belgium season 2. Recently he recorded his first single, "She's my lady" composed and arranged by the musical team of the singer and Eurovision winner "Sandra Kim".

Manon Hansay

Manon is a Belgian singer and actress. After studying performing arts in London and Brussels, she started to play and sing on different Belgian stages. Her musical universe is filled with sweetness, nostalgia, dreams and warmth.

Les Quatre au Quai

Les Quatre au Quai is a cabaret collective consisting of Steve De Schepper, Hendrik Lebon, Jolijn Antonissen, Nando Tilkin/Steven Colombeen and pianist Gunther De Backer.

Julie Delbart

Julie began her musical studies at the age of 4 and obtained her First Prize in music theory at 14 at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Since March 2017, she has been a pianist accompanist in the heart of the Singing Department of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel alongside José Van Dam.

Yves Cunningham

Yves has been passionate about rock music since he was a child. In 2013, he co-founded the band "The Blenders Original". As comfortable in the studio as he is on stage, his voice will make you fall in love with him.

Emmanuel Dell’Erba

Emmanuel is a child of the stage and the cinema. He can go from drama to comedy as a true chameleon without batting an eyelid.

Malika Passionata

Malika is in love with multidisciplinarity and trained at several schools. Her career path reveals her attachment to hybrid art that draws inspiration from all around. Active on the cabaret scenes where all universes meet to become one, she likes to take risks and is always eager to discover new things.

Isa Koninckx

Isa is a multifaceted artist. She transforms the perspective of everyday life through photography. Recently, she successfully started designing toys for children.

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