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The Christmas Show is available for free worldwide.

Furthermore, we introduce the show with a call for donation for the Belgian Fund for Supportive Care, an initiative created by the King Baudouin Foundation aimed at supporting hospitals and other residential care institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Who We Are

Carefully crafted by a group of passionate Christmas lovers, the show is designed to gather all talents and aimed at reinventing itself at every edition.

Why Belgian? Well... Because that's where it all started.

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Performers - 2020 Edition

Your Host: Antoine Guillaume

Actor / Columnist / TV & Radio host ( RTL TVI & BEL RTL ).
In love with the Genökenflöken cake !
Antoine likes to combine skills : Acting, singing and dancing.
The only person crazier than him about the Holiday season might be Santa Claus !
But that remains to be proven.

Ambre Grouwels

Ambre is a Belgian singer & actress. She received the Magritte for Most Promising Actress for her role as Bici in Baby Balloon. She even dub some princesses voices for Disney.

Axel Hirsoux

Remarkable singer of The Voice and Eurovision, Axel also explores musicals with Siddartha the rock opera. He has released two singles and returns to sing Christmas carols!

Colette & Willy

Colette & Willy are performing all over Europe, in Belgium you can find them regularly at the Cabaret Mademoiselle. Inspired by the creative extravagance of the Belle Époque, Colette & Willy cultivate a delicate and poetic universe where grace and humor are intertwined.

Les Quatre au Quai

Les Quatre au Quai is a cabaret collective consisting of Steve De Schepper, Hendrik Lebon, Jolijn Antonissen, Nando Tilkin/Steven Colombeen and pianist Gunther De Backer.

Marla & Bruno

Marla & Bruno is a talented & disruptive drag performer duet. Resident at "Chez Maman" for more than twenty years and, still so incredibly young and gorgeous!! They will turn your world upside down.


'Banker by day, bonkers by night' is how you can describe Stephen. He was born and raised in Ghent, a child of the eighties, and is active as a screenwriter, photographer and a singer. He releases his own original music under the moniker 'The Rare Idiot'.

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